San Andreas Tutorials

↓ Tutorial name ↓ Tools
Vehicle installation (recommended) GGMM
Vehicle installation (recommended) Alci's IMG Editor
Vehicle installation Spark
Vehicle installation IMG Tool 2.0
Vehicle installation SAMI
Vehicle installation on v2.00 Alci's IMG Editor
Settings lines installation Notepad
Paintjobs installation Alci's IMG Editor
Texture editing TXD Workshop
Clothes editing TXD Workshop
Change spraycan colour Notepad
Create animated textures Various
Tattoo editing TXD Workshop
Build a map MTA Map Editor
Build a map MEd
Find the name of any object MEd
Binary IPL tutorial Binary Decompiler
Create a road from scratch Various
Aschratts Path Editor (APE) tutorial Aschratts Path Editor
Change vehicle names GXT Editor 1.3
Edit/remove 'Replay' text GXT Editor
Set correct language on USA version ---
CLEO Scripting tutorial (external) Sanny Builder
DYOM tutorial (external) DYOM
Coding basics Sanny Builder
Labels, threads and conditions Sanny Builder
Install CLEO (.cs) mods CLEO 3 Library
Place a permanent vehicle Sanny Builder
Virtual key codes list Sanny Builder
Sounds installation Alci's SAAT GUI
SFX>GENRL sound definitions ---
Extract radio music Music Extractor
Vehicle conversion: Vice City to San Andreas Various
Import a Need For Speed vehicle Various
Unlock a locked DFF Unlocker
Ped editing 3D Studio Max
Add neons to a vehicle 3D Studio Max, RW Analyze
Kam's scripts installation 3D Studio Max
File informations
About handling.cfg (external) Handling Editor
About carcols.dat Notepad
Create custom colors Notepad
About carmods.dat Notepad
About vehicles.ide Notepad
About cargrp.dat Notepad
About ped.dat Notepad
About weapons.dat Notepad
Recover original files SA Recoverer
Play as any ped BC7Mod
Skin Selector tutorial Skin Selector
Peds ID list (external) ---
Add a ped to a gang group Notepad
GTA Garage Mod Manager tutorial GGMM
Enable The Truth's camper Notepad
IFP tutorial Vari
Car Spawner tutorial Car Spawner
Video recording Fraps
Mods installation
GTA United Beta 1.1 installation GTA United
GTA Alien City installation GTA Alien City