Vehicle paintjobs installation

Tools: Alci's IMG Editor or Spark
Tutorial author: FunGt

This easy tutorial explains how to install the paintjobs you may find in some car mods. The paintjobs are usually called like the vehicle name, for example: cheetah1.txd, cheetah2.txd, cheetah3.txd and cheetah4.txd. The only thing to do is to import these txd files into gta3.img and the game will automatically detect them. You will find the paintjobs at Transfender, Auto Loco or Wheels Arc Angels, according to the car. The number of paintjobs you may install at once is 4.
  1. Run Alci's IMG Editor or Spark and open gta3.img.
  2. Click Import and and select the txd files of the mod (name1.txd, name2.txd, etc).
  3. Save and close.
  4. Run the game and go at tuning garages to install the paintjobs.