Add neon on a vehicle (3dsm)

Tools: 3D Studio Max, Kam's Scripts, Dexx Tool, RW Analyze
Tutorial author: u505, revisited by Giorgio91, FunGt and Neos7

This tutorial explains how to add neon to a vehicle using 3D Studio Max.
Before following this guide be sure to have Kam's scripts installed on 3dsm. It is also needed a good skill with 3D Studio Max.
  1. Extract dextool_release directly on scripts folder of 3dsm.
  2. Run 3DSM and click on Max Script->Run Script and select file from scripts\dexx_gta\ folder.
  3. On the next window set the values like this screen:

  4. Import a DFF with DFF IO script.
  5. Advice: hide chassic_vlo from the view right-clickin on it->Hide selection.
  6. Click Create -> Lights -> Omni and then on bottom-right click the white square.
  7. Now choose the neon colour.

  8. Click on a car part or anywhere you want to add the neon.
  9. After you created the first Omni there should be a cube in the view, right click it->Clone, then select Copy and OK. Move that second cube near the first. Repeat the operation till you have a cube line like this screen:

  10. Now press H and select all Omni.
  11. On the script window opened at the beginning click on Apply to Lights

  12. After you selected all Omni items, right click->Clone, then move them on the other side of the car.
  13. Press H and select all Omni, then click on window script on Add Light Info (Light), then Add Particle Info (Dummy) and finally on Export Info

  14. It will asks you to save a file, save it anywhere with any name.

  15. Run RW Analyze, click on File>Open and select the dff of the car imported in 3dsm.
  16. Now like the screen click on minus (-)

  17. Keep following the red marked parts.

  18. On the red part, right click and Add section

  19. Like the screen write that number and then click OK.
  20. On the new field right click and choose Import section data

  21. Now select the .sae file exported earlier with 3dsm.
  22. Click File>Save and import the new dff on gta3.img.