Create a map with MEd

Tutorial author: FunGt
Tools: Map Editor (MEd)

This tutorials explains how to create a simple map using Map Editor, also called MEd. This tutorial is also valid for Vice City and GTAIII.
  1. Run MEd and click Add, then click Browse.
  2. Browse your computer and select San Andreas main folder.
  3. Now you should see something like this.
  4. Click OK and OK again and the program will load the map files.
  5. Click on Scene tab and select the part of the city you want to see, then click Render.
  6. Move on the map using WASD and mouse left-button.
  7. Click on IPL tab and click New File.
  8. Give it a unique name without spaces and click Save.
  9. Now the new IPL is appeared in the list as last.
  10. Select it and click New.
  11. Here you have to choose the object you want to add into the map.
  12. Once you chose the object, click Ok and it will appear in front of you.
  13. To move the object use the arrows on the left (the object must be selected, so it's red).
  14. Place the object where you want or add new objects clicking New on IPL tab.
  15. When you finished the map click on File>Save Install.
  16. Close the program and run the game.