Create new colours on carcols.dat

Tools: Notepad
Tutorial author: FunGt

This tutorial explains how to create new custom colours on carcols.dat and add them to your cars.

RGB colour creation:
  • Run Paint and click on Edit colors.
  • Create your own colour (I chose orange).
  • Don't close Paint and open with Notepad carcols.dat located in data folder.
  • Press Ctrl+F and find "# 126".
  • Copy the whole line and paste it below.
  • Replace the first 3 numbers with the numbers of Paint, in order (screen).
  • Replace 126 with an higher number, for exaple. 127.
  • Replace the third column with any comment regarding the colour created, for example new orange.
  • The new line should be like that:
  • 255,90,13    # 127 orange    orange
Once you created the line, lets add the new colour to a vehicle.

Add the new colour to a vehicle:
  • Search the vehicle on carcols.dat and at the end of its line add your colour ID, in this tutorial 127. Don't forget to add comma between colors.
  • The complete line should be like that for example:
    comet, 73,45, 12,12, 2,2, 6,6, 4,4, 46,46, 53,53, 127,127
  • The car should be like that, if you used my values: