About vehicles.ide

Tools: Notepad
Tutorial author: FunGt

Vehicles.ide is a file located in data folder that contains some informations about the vehicles.

Line example:
400, landstal, landstal, car, LANDSTAL, LANDSTK, null, normal, 10, 0, 0, -1, 0.768, 0.768, 0 In order, these values stands for:
  1. Vehicle ID
  2. DFF name
  3. TXD name
  4. Vehicle category
  5. Handling ID
  6. Vehicle name
  7. Animation when the player gets into the car
  8. Class: it defines the social class that will drive this car and the frequency to find this car in certain zones. (poorfamily, executive, richfamily, worker, normal, ignore (this value is used for non-common cars)
  9. Frequency: if 0 the car cannot be found around, 10 is max value
  10. Flags (unknown)
  11. Comprules (unknown)
  12. WheelmodelId (unknown)
  13. Front wheels size
  14. Rear wheels size
  15. Type of wheels at tuning garages: -1=none, 0=Transfender, 1=Wheel Arc Angels, 2=Auto Loco