How to create traffic paths

Tools: Aschratts Path Editor (APE)
Tutorial author: Aschratt

This tutorial is the same you can find on the APE archive and is made by the original author.

General informations:
To understand how the Editor works, please read this. There are a few things you have to consider.
1. What are the pathtypes?
Simply: PEDs = Pedestriants, Cars = Vehicles, Boats = Boats.
2. NEVER place PED Path before CarPath.
Well... if you create a path than first make sure where cars should be driving. Because CarNodes are limited to 1024 create CarPaths everytime before you create PED Paths.

Creating a simple path:
Let's create a simple path. The spot for our path will be the grove street. You have the possibillity to add or create a new path. To add path decompile the exisitng nodefiles and open the dnf file.
To create a new path (means only your path will be ingame) simply click the New-Button.
Launch the game and start the MemHack. Then go to the first point of your path like in this picture: Now press F Now press F11 to open the CarPath.
A message should appear which tells you that the node was added sucessfully. Now walk to the next point:

If you reached it press F11 a second time. Now continue walking and pressing F11 till you are here.

If you want to finnish your path here press F12. But then our Cars will drive a curve and drive back. Simply boring... Thats why I suggest creating a circle at Grove Street where the Cars are continue driving and then driving back. So let's continue. Go to the next point and press F11. This will be our central junction node. To identify it later on we are now going to mark it. Press F10! But rememb: we simply want the cars driving the circle with ONE LANE otherwise they would crash). Therefore shut down the game (Alt + Tab), Go to APE and make sure the last entry in the list is marked. if not select it and press F5. Now click the RadioButton "NaviNodes" in the Filter-Group. Choose the last entry and press F5 again. We will need this later on...
Continue walking along the circle like here:

Now press F12 to place the last Node! Now you got everything what you need from ingame. Press F4 to close the MemHack and quit the game.

Go to APE and choose the Filter "Vehicle Nodes". Now you see the last marked entry and the last entry of your path. We have to connect them, cause we dont want the cars to drive back. We want the cars to continue. The rest of the nodes are connected cause everything we made with F11 and F12 is connected automatically. Choose the marked entry and the last entry and klick the "Connect" Button in the "Path" Menu! The changes are not to see at the first look, but if you see the flags changed. Please don't change them. Go on and choose the NaviNode filte them. Go on and choose the NaviNode filter. Now you see that you have one more NaviNode. Select ALL NaviNodes from the marked node to the last and set the right (forward) lanes to 1 and the left (backward) lanes to 0. If we would have walked the circle to the other direction we had to use the left lanes. For all nodes with 2 lanes this doesnt matter.
Now save your file and compile it. Put the 64 NodeFiles into any IMG Archive your game knows (Standart: GTA3.img. If you use another Archive please delete the old files and don't forget to rebuild the archive! You should rebuild the archive EVERYTIME you add new NodesFiles!). Start the game and see what happens. Start the game and see what happens. (it might be that it only works with an stripped SCM cause the grove is an so called forbidden_for_cars_cube). Now you can continue adding PED Path at the pavements. Enjoy and have fun.

Greetings, Aschratt.