Change the spraycan colour

Tools: Notepad
Tutorial author: FunGt

This easy tutorial explains how to change the spraycan colour.
  1. Run Paint and click on Edit colors.
  2. Create your own colour (I chose orange).
  3. Don't close Paint and open with Notepad the effects.fxp file in models folder.
  4. Press Ctrl+F to find: type spraycan and then, don't close Find and type red (you should be at line 22412).
  5. Six lines below there should be VAL: 17.000. Edit the 17 and replace it with the number of Red on Paint (screen, 255 in my example).
  6. Some lines below you will find GREEN and then, like before, six lines below its VAL value.
  7. Replace the value with the Green value in Paint, 90 in my example.
  8. Do the same with BLUE and its VAL value.
  9. Once you edited these 3 numbers, save and close the file.