Create a tattoo

Tools: TXD Workshop and Photoshop (or any other graphics program)
Tutorial author: Beck

This tutorial explains how to edit an existing tattoo using Photoshop.
  1. Run TXD Workshop and click Open IMG.
  2. Select player.img file located in models folder.
  3. This file contains all tattoo textures and a lot of other things we don't need in this tutorial.
  4. To find the tattoos type 10ls in the box below the list

  5. All the textures that follow 10ls are tattoos, but to see them you have to select Alpha/Mask on the bottom-right.
  6. Choose the tattoo you want to replace and click Export in TGA format, save the image anywhere.

  7. Now run Photoshop and open the image exported earlier.
  8. The image will be all black (color of the tattoo), click on Channels to the right, then select Alpha to see the tattoo.

  9. To make your own tattoo delete the old one (always in alpha channel) and paint a new one with white colour (the colour of the tattoo is given by the other channel).

  10. Now click File>Save As and save it in TGA format.
  11. Go back to TXD Workshop and click Import and select your TGA image.
  12. Click on Save TXD and run the game.