GTA Multiplayer

What is a multiplayer mod?
A multiplayer mod is a fanmade modification that allows you to play online with Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas and Vice City in particular. How is it possibile to create that kind of modification? This kind of mod is possible thanks to some team of skilled modders with a great passion for coding.
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List of multiplayer projects:
  • Multi Theft Auto
  • SA:MP and VC:MP

Multi Theft Auto

MTA Logo

MTA, acronym of Multi Theft Auto, is the most long-lived team, born with GTAIII. The gamemodes that you may find in Multi Theft Auto are many such as:
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Destruction Derby
  • Race Deathmatch with Hunter
  • RPG
  • Real Life
  • Drift
  • Stunt
  • and much much more!
These gamemodes are coded in LUA language and anyone may code one. Any gamemode is different from each other and we'are sure that you will find the one you love. MTA also made multiplayer mods for GTAIII and VC (many years ago), but now they deprecated. The syncronization through the players in MTA San Andreas is awesome and in my opinion is better than SA:MP, another multiplayer mod described below.

Download the latest version:



SA:MP, acronym of San Andreas: Multiplayer, is another team born after MTA that created VC:MP and SA:MP. This team made a great success and it counts several thousands of players online everyday. The gamemodes you may find in SA:MP are similar to the ones in MTA. These gamemodes are scripted in PAWN language, easier than LUA, but a bit less powerful.
Vice City Multiplayer is like SA:MP but for Vice City of course. This mod is a bit bugged and it may crash sometimes and the servers are not so many anymore.

Download latest version: