First Steps

Before you begin to install the mods on your San Andreas be sure to:
  • Own San Andreas v1.00 and not v2.00
  • Remove read-only from San Andreas folder
  • Create backups
  • About RAR files

- v2.00 version
San Andreas v2.00 is the latest version of San Andreas and is not moddable. If you want to check out which version of San Andreas you own, run the game and check out on main menu if you have a v2.00 text on bottom-right. If you have this version, you cannot mod San Andreas properly. By the way there is a tool called downgrader that allows you to downgrade from v2.00 to 1.00, but we can't provide you this tool since it's illegal

- Read-only
You have to remove read-only from San Andreas folder or you will have problems! To remove read-only do the follow: right-click San Andreas folder -> choose Properties -> remove read-only tick.

- Create backups
Before installing any mod is highly recommended to make a backup copy of the files you are going to modify. I recommend to copy whole San Andreas folder and mod only one of them. You could use the unmodded San Andreas to install multiplayer mods such as MTASA or SAMP. If you forgot to make a backup of a file follow this tutorial to recover the original files.

- About RAR files
RAR files are compressed archives, such as ZIP files. To open that kind of files you need a program such as WinRAR. It's highly recommended to install a program that supports RAR files because a very large amount of mods are compressed with this software.