Vehicle installation with Alci's IMG Editor

Tools: Alci's IMG Editor
Tutorial author: FunGt

Description: The following video shows a vehicle installation using Alci's IMG Editor, one of the best IMG editors in my opinion. This tool is very fast and easy to use, it can import a large amout of files at once, rebuild archive and compare 2 archives.


Written tutorial

  1. Download a car mod and extract the archive where you want.
  2. Run Alci's IMG Editor and click File>Open.
  3. Select gta3.img file located in models folder:
  4. C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\models
  5. Click on Actions>Import and select dff and txd files extracted earlier.
  6. Click File>Save and close the program.
  7. Now follow this tutorial to install the settings lines you may find into the Readme file of the mod.