About carmods.dat

The carmods.dat file contains all the informations about the tuning parts of Transfender, Wheel Arch Angel and Auto Loco. The following list assigns to each tuned part the relative name and category. The names are the same you can find into the gta3.img.

bnt_b_sc_m Vent Champ
bnt_b_sc_l Vent Fury
bntl_b_ov Vent oval
bntl_b_sq Vent square
bnt_b_sc_p_l Vent Worx
bnt_b_sc_p_m Vent Race
rf_b_sc_r Vent on roof
exh_b_m Medium exhaust
exh_b_l Big exhaust
exh_b_t Double exhaust
exh_b_ts Raised exhaust
lgt_b_rspt Circle lights
lgt_b_sspt Square lights
nto_b_s Nitro 2X
nto_b_l Nitro 5X
nto_b_tw Nitro 10X
spl_b_bar_m Wrox
spl_b_bbb_m Drag
spl_b_bab_m Alpha
spl_b_bbr_m Pro
spl_b_mar_m Fury
spl_b_mab_m Win
wg_l_b_ssk Skirt
wheel_gn1 Import
wheel_gn2 Atomic
wheel_gn3 Ahab
wheel_gn4 Virtual
wheel_gn5 Access
wheel_or1 Off Road
wheel_sr3 Mega
wheel_sr4 Grove
wheel_lr3 Twist
wheel_lr4 Wires
Auto Loco
rf_lr_sv1 Vent Champ (Savanna)
rf_lr_sv2 Vent Fury (Savanna)
rf_lr_bl1 Hardtop (Blade)
rf_lr_bl2 Sunroof (Blade)
Back bumpers
rbmp_lr_sv1 Bumper Chromer (Savanna)
rbmp_lr_sv2 Bumper Slamin (Savanna)
rbmp_lr_rem1 Bumper Chromer (Remington)
rbmp_lr_rem2 Bumper Slamin (Remington)
rbmp_lr_bl1 Bumper Chromer (Blade)
rbmp_lr_bl2 Bumper Slamin (Blade)
rbmp_lr_t1 Bumper Chromer (Tornado)
rbmp_lr_t2 Bumper Slamin (Tornado)
rbmp_lr_br1 Bumper Chromer (Broadway)
rbmp_lr_br2 Bumper Slamin (Broadway)
bbb_lr_slv1 Bullbar Chormer (Slamvan)
bbb_lr_slv2 Bullbar Slamin (Slamvan)
Front Bumpers
fbmp_lr_sv1 Bumper Chromer (Savanna)
fbmp_lr_sv2 Bumper Slamin (Savanna)
fbmp_lr_rem1 Bumper Chromer (Remington)
fbmp_lr_rem2 Bumper Slamin (Remington)
fbmp_lr_bl1 Bumper Chromer (Blade)
fbmp_lr_bl2 Bumper Slamin (Blade)
fbmp_lr_t1 Bumper Chromer (Tornado)
fbmp_lr_t2 Bumper Slamin (Tornado)
fbmp_lr_br1 Bumper Chromer (Broadway)
fbmp_lr_br2 Bumper Slamin (Broadway)
fbmp_lr_slv1 Bumper Chromer (Slamvan)
fbb_lr_slv1 Bullbar Chormer (Slamvan)
fbb_lr_slv2 Bullbar Slamin (Slamvan)
exh_lr_sv1 Exhaust Chromer (Savanna)
exh_lr_sv2 Exhaust Slamin (Savanna)
exh_lr_rem1 Exhaust Chromer (Remington)
exh_lr_rem2 Exhaust Slamin (Remington)
exh_lr_bl1 Exhaust Chromer (Blade)
exh_lr_bl2 Exhaust Slamin (Blade)
exh_lr_t1 Exhaust Chromer (Tornado)
exh_lr_t2 Exhaust Slamin (Tornado)
exh_lr_br1 Exhaust Chromer (Broadway)
exh_lr_br2 Exhaust Slamin (Broadway)
wg_l_lr_sv Chromed skirts (Savanna)
wg_l_lr_br Chromed skirts e (Broadway)
wg_l_lr_bl Chromed skirts (Blade)
wg_l_lr_t Chromed skirts (Tornado)
wg_l_lr_slv1 Chromed skirts (Slamvan)
wg_l_lr_slv2 Tire cover (Slamvan)
wg_l_lr_rem1 Chromed flames (Remigtn)
wg_l_lr_rem2 Chromed fenders (Remigtn)
misc_c_lr_rem1 Chromed grid (Remington)
misc_c_lr_rem2 Chromed bars (Remington)
misc_c_lr_rem3 Chromed lights (Remington)
nto_b_s Nitro 2X
nto_b_l Nitro 5X
nto_b_tw Nitro 10X
wheel_lr1 Classic
wheel_lr2 Dollar
wheel_lr3 Twist
wheel_lr4 Wires
wheel_lr5 Trance
wheel_sr1 Cutter
wheel_sr2 Rimshine
wheel_gn4 Virtual
wheel_gn5 Access
Wheel Arch Angels
exh_a_l Exhaust Alien (Elegy)
exh_c_l Exhaust X-Flow (Elegy)
exh_a_f Exhaust Alien (Flash)
exh_c_f Exhaust X-Flow (Flash)
exh_a_j Exhaust Alien (Jester)
exh_c_j Exhaust X-Flow (Jester)
exh_a_s Exhaust Alien (Sultan)
exh_c_s Exhaust X-Flow (Sultan)
exh_a_st Exhaust Alien (Stratum)
exh_c_st Exhaust X-Flow (Stratum)
exh_a_u Exhaust Alien (Uranus)
exh_c_u Exhaust X-Flow (Uranus)
Front bumpers
fbmp_a_l Bumper Alien (Elegy)
fbmp_c_l Bumper X-Flow (Elegy)
fbmp_a_f Bumper Alien (Flash)
fbmp_c_f Bumper X-Flow (Flash)
fbmp_a_j Bumper Alien (Jester)
fbmp_c_j Bumper X-Flow (Jester)
fbmp_a_s Bumper Alien (Sultan)
fbmp_c_s Bumper X-Flow (Sultan)
fbmp_a_st Bumper Alien (Stratum)
fbmp_c_st Bumper X-Flow (Stratum)
fbmp_a_u Bumper Alien (Uranus)
fbmp_c_u Bumper X-Flow (Uranus)
Back bumpers
rbmp_a_l Bumper Alien (Elegy)
rbmp_c_l Bumper X-Flow (Elegy)
rbmp_a_f Bumper Alien (Flash)
rbmp_c_f Bumper X-Flow (Flash)
rbmp_a_j Bumper Alien (Jester)
rbmp_c_j Bumper X-Flow (Jester)
rbmp_a_s Bumper Alien (Sultan)
rbmp_c_s Bumper X-Flow (Sultan)
rbmp_a_st Bumper Alien (Stratum)
rbmp_c_st Bumper X-Flow (Stratum)
rbmp_a_u Bumper Alien (Uranus)
rbmp_c_u Bumper X-Flow (Uranus)
rf_a_l Roof Alien (Elegy)
rf_c_l Roof X-Flow (Elegy)
rf_a_f Roof Alien (Flash)
rf_c_f Roof X-Flow (Flash)
rf_a_j Roof Alien (Jester)
rf_c_j Roof X-Flow (Jester)
rf_a_s Roof Alien (Sultan)
rf_c_s Roof X-Flow (Sultan)
rf_a_st Roof Alien (Stratum)
rf_c_st Roof X-Flow (Stratum)
rf_a_u Roof Alien (Uranus)
rf_c_u Roof X-Flow (Uranus)
spl_a_l_b Spoiler Alien (Elegy)
spl_c_l_b Spoiler X-Flow (Elegy)
spl_a_f_r Spoiler Alien (Flash)
spl_c_f_r Spoiler X-Flow (Flash)
spl_a_j_b Spoiler Alien (Jester)
spl_c_j_b Spoiler X-Flow (Jester)
spl_a_s_b Spoiler Alien (Sultan)
spl_c_s_b Spoiler X-Flow (Sultan)
spl_a_st_r Spoiler Alien (Stratum)
spl_c_st_r Spoiler X-Flow (Stratum)
spl_a_u_b Spoiler Alien (Uranus)
spl_c_u_b Spoiler X-Flow (Uranus)
wg_l_a_l Skirts Alien (Elegy)
wg_l_c_l Skirts X-Flow (Elegy)
wg_l_a_f Skirts Alien (Flash)
wg_l_c_f Skirts X-Flow (Flash)
wg_l_a_j Skirts Alien (Jester)
wg_l_c_j Skirts X-Flow (Jester)
wg_l_a_s Skirts Alien (Sultan)
wg_l_c_s Skirts X-Flow (Sultan)
wg_l_a_st Skirts Alien (Stratum)
wg_l_c_st Skirts X-Flow (Stratum)
wg_l_a_u Skirts Alien (Uranus)
wg_l_c_u Skirts X-Flow (Uranus)
nto_b_s Nitro 2X
nto_b_l Nitro 5X
nto_b_tw Nitro 10X
wheel_sr1 Cutter
wheel_sr2 Rimshine
wheel_sr3 Mega
wheel_sr4 Grove
wheel_sr5 Switch
wheel_sr6 Shadow
wheel_lr1 Classic
wheel_lr2 Dollar
wheel_gn1 Import
wheel_gn2 Atomic