About carcols.dat

Tools: Notepad
Tutorial author: FunGt

The carcols.dat contains all the informations about the colours of the vehicles. The following tutorial explains how this file works.

What do the numbers mean?
List of colours:

  • The first 3 numbers separated with a comma is the colour tone, in RGB format.
  • The number with # symbol is the colour ID. This number will be used on vehicle lines to assign the colour.
  • The texts on the right are a comment to that colour. They should exaplin what colour is.

List of vehicle lines:

  • The first word is the vehicle name.
  • The numbers are the colour IDs which assign that colour to that vehicle.
  • The first number is the primary colour, the second is the secondary colour. The secondary colour is used only on vehicles that support it, for example the Bullet or the Banshee.

  • vehiclename + comma + space + colourID1 + comma + colourID2 + comma + space + colourID1 + comma + colourID2
  • example: vehiclename, 10,10, 51,1

Here you can find the complete colour table made by JVT: