Clothes Editing

Tutorial author: FunGt
Tools: TXD Workshop and any graphics program

In this tutorial I'll explain how to edit a t-shirt. You can use this tutorial to edit any clothes of the game.

First of all you've to choose the clothes you want to modify. Run TXD Workshop and click Open IMG, then select player.img file located in models folder. Here you will find all the textures about clothing. In this tutorial I'll edit the tshirtilovels.txd file, but you can edit any file you want.
  1. Once you chose the clothes, click on Export, select a format (BMP, TGA, PNG) and save it where you want.
  2. Now use any graphics program to edit your clothes, for example Photoshop, GIMP, Paint or whatever you want.
  3. When you finished editing the clothes, save it as BMP, PNG or TGA (I recommend as BMP).
  4. Go back to TXD Workshop and click Import, then select your image.
  5. You just installed your new clothes, so click Save TXD and close TXD Workshop.
  6. Run the game and wear the clothes you edited. (Use this fantastic mod to change clothes anywhere).