Video recording

Tools: Fraps and Windows Movie Maker
Tutorial author: FunGt

This tutorial explains how to record a video while you are playing. Fraps lets you record a 30 sec length video but if you buy it, it can records unlimited videos.

Video recording:
  1. Download and install Fraps.
  2. Run the tool, then run the game.
  3. While playing press F9 and the program will begin to record a video.
  4. To stop recording press F9 again.

Informations and advices:
  • All recorded video are located in Fraps folder in avi format.
  • You can change video directory in Fraps options.
  • If the game lags while recording, try to select Half-size on Movies tab on Fraps window.

Once you recored a video, its size will be HUGE because the quality is maximum. If you want to upload that video on Youtube it will take ages because of the size. So here I show you a very easy way to drastically reduce video size. Reduce video size:
  1. Run Windows Movie Maker or a video editing program.
  2. Drag and drop the video into Movie Maker window.
  3. Drag the video like this screen.
  4. You can optionally customize your video with effects.
  5. Click File>Save movie as, choose the quality and other options.
  6. Wait until the video is saved.