Vehicle installation (v2.00 SA version)

Tutorial author: jarjar
Tools: Alci's IMG Editor

This tutorial explains how to install a vehicle on San Andreas v2.00, that is usually unmoddable. This SA version is not recommended to mod San Andreas because a lot of mods won't work. Make a backup of gta3.img and gta.dat before following this tutorial.

Open with Notepad gta.dat file located in data folder. Find this line:
Add this line below:
You should have something like that:

Run Alci's IMG Editor and click File>New (CTRL+N). Now click on Actions>Import and select DFF and TXD files of the car you want to install.

Now you should see this:

Click Save (CTRL+S), rename it vehicles.img and save it in models folder. Close the program. Now run Alci's IMG Editor again and click File>Open and select gta3.img located in models folder. Search the vehicle name you imported in vehicles.img earlier. Once you found dff and txd, rename them in vehiclename.dff.old and vehiclename.txd.old or something like that. To rename the files, double-click them:

Now save without rebuilding the archive, close the tool and play.