First Steps

Before you begin to install the mods on your GTAIV be sure to:
  • Install the latest patch
  • Remove read-only from GTAIV folder
  • Decode EFLC data files
  • Create backups
  • About RAR files

- Install the latest patch
To install the latest mods and scripts you need to install the latest patch for GTAIV you can download from here.

- Read-only
You have to remove read-only from GTAIV folder or you will have problems! To remove read-only do the follow: right-click GTAIV folder -> choose Properties -> remove read-only tick.

- Decode EFLC data files
If you try to open with Notepad some files of common/data folder you will notice that they are encrypted. To decode these files and edit them easly with Notepad you need to follow this tutorial.

- Create backups
Before installing any mod is highly recommended to make a backup copy of the files you are going to modify. I recommend to copy whole GTAIV folder and mod only one of them. You could use the unmodded GTAIV to install multiplayer mods such as IVMP. If you forgot to make a backup of a file use this tool to recover the original files.

- About RAR files
RAR files are compressed archives, such as ZIP files. To open that kind of files you need a program such as WinRAR. It's highly recommended to install a program that supports RAR files because a very large amount of mods are compressed with this software.