How to install a mod?
There is no general way to install the mods. Check out our tutorials or open a new thread on the forums.

Do the mods work on all versions?
Some mods were published before the latest patch so some kind of them may not work with the latest patch.

Can I replace another car instead of the one specified by the author?
Yes, you have to rename WFT and WTD files with the name of the car you want to replace. If settings lines are included, you have also to rename them correctly. It is recommended to replace 2 doors vehicles with 2 doors or the game may crash due to the number of people that could spawn into the vehicle.

Can I play online with some mods?
If you installed only textures mods yes, but other kinds of mods are considered cheating and you could be banned.

I forgot to make a backup of some files, how can I restore them?
Use this tool to restore original files.

I installed a mod but now the games crashes on loading?
Be sure you installed the mod correctly and be sure the mod it's compatible with your game version.

Is the latest patch really needed?
Yes, the latest patch fixes a lot of GTAIV bugs and increase the game performance. It also adds some new video options features. Furthermore the newest scripts works with the latest patch.

OpenIV returns me EFOpenError, access denied, how do I solve?
Try to run OpenIV as administrator privileges.