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Oleg, the creator of Zmodeler, a famous 3D modelling program, has just released Zmodeler 3.1.0 with the ability to import and export GTA V vehicle models such as cars, bikes, boats and planes. In particular YFT files can now be imported and exported. Weapons and scenery objects will come in future versions of Zmodeler, Oleg states.

Download: Zmodeler 3
Source: Zmodeler Forums
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Some quick exciting news:

- OpenIV now supports audio files! It means you can listen and edit any sound of the game!
- You want to make your own t-shirt? Check out the texture editing video tutorial!
- Some recently added awesome mods:
-- Ambience Mod: smoke, drink, sit, workout and much much more!
-- UFO Mod: drive an UFO and destroy Los Santos!
-- Angry Planes (cleaned): cleaned version of Angry Planes (cleaned by a user on Reddit)
-- AC130 from COD: use the powerful AC130 weapons from Call of Duty to blow up some vehicles!

Keep following us for more mods and tutorials!
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The OpenIV team just released a new version of their software. On previous version we were able to view all GTAV files included in RPF archives, now with 2.6 you can edit them! To make it short, you can for example edit handling.meta file!
The following is the official post from openiv.com:
Today we are proud to release OpenIV 2.6. It took some time, but now you will be able to edit RPF Archives in PC version of GTA V. Currently we come with temporary solution, which requires ASI plugin for the game. When you are try to edit RPF Archive, you will see notification about installing plugin. You need to install an ASI loader and OpenIV plugin, otherwise your game will not work with modified archives. With installed ASI loader and plugin, you will not be able to go into GTA Online. This will keep you from accidently banning and GTA Online will be protected from modifications.
Besides RPF editing, we are also added support for GTA V PC files in Drawable, Collision and Navmesh viewers, so now you can view some models. As always, the full change log is available here.

You can download the 2.6 version here. If you want you can also donate to OpenIV team from official website.

Another small news from us: I made a video tutorial dedicated to everyone who is new to GTA V modding that explains how to install any script mod. Go check this out if you are looking forward to add some badass mods into GTAV!
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(Click the image DOWNLOAD the trainer!)
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I just made 3 simple tutorials about GTAV for PC:
- Add your music to GTAV self radio
- How to install savegames
- How to change language

Another update concerns the 2 trainers you may noticed on our Download Area. The MrAntiFun trainer and the LinGon trainer has been updated by their respective authors and now they includes some more functions such as infinite vehicle health, never wanted, change weather, super powers, no damage from explotions and much more! Download them here:
- MrAntiFun Trainer
- LinGon Trainer

Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates coming here, on our YouTube channel and on Facebook!
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Promising news from OpenIV team: GooD-NTS and his team managed to open the RPF archives of GTA V! Here 4 images:


OpenIV is released with GTAV support for reading files, not editing. Video - Download

Source: OpenIV twitter