Decrypt EFLC Data Files

Tools: EFLC Unlocker
Tutorial author: marsmillo

This tutorial explains how to decrypt all data files from EFLC version of GTAIV. If you try to open for example handling.dat located in common\data folder, you will notice that these files cannot be edited normally.
  1. Be sure to have an ASI loader installed (dsound.dll or xlive.dll) in the mainroot of EFLC.
  2. Download the EFLC Unlocked linked above.
  3. Copy the SdfaDump.asi file in the mainroot of EFLC.
  4. Run the game.
  5. A message on your desktop will appear, ignore it for now.
  6. Let the game fully load until you are in the game.
  7. Press Alt-TAB to go back to desktop and click Ok on the window appeared earlier.
  8. Play the game some minutes until a new message box popups, this means that the ASI script is done unlocking the files.
  9. Click Ok on the popup and now you can exit your game.
  10. Check the EFLC main folder and look if there is a new folder called SdfaDump (~100MB)
  11. If there is this folder, delete SdfaDump.asi file!
In the SdfaDump folder there are all the files unlocked! But the game will not read them by that folder.

How to edit and load your data files

  1. Go into SdfaDump folder and edit the file you want, for example handling.dat, using Notepad.
  2. Save and close the file you edited.
  3. Copy the file you edited to the correct folder:
    C:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto IV\common\data
    C:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto IV\TBoGT\common\data
    C:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto IV\TLAD\common\data