First Steps

Before installing any tool that allow to play online with Grand Theft Auto, be sure:
  • DO NOT have San Andreas v2.00
  • Have a fast internet connection
  • DO NOT have any mods installed

- San Andreas v2.00
San Andreas v2.00 is the latest version of San Andreas and is not moddable. If you want to check out which version of San Andreas you own, run the game and check out on main menu if you have a v2.00 text on bottom-right. If you have this version, you cannot mod San Andreas properly. By the way there is a tool called downgrader that allows you to downgrade from v2.00 to 1.00, but we can't provide you this tool since it's illegal.

- Fast internet connection
It is highly recommended to own a high speed internet connection (ADSL) to play online with GTA. Do not use downloading programs while playing since they will cause lags and high ping.

- No Mods
The game must be not modified. To play online you need a clean installation of the game, without any mods. I recommend you to make two different folders of GTA, one with the mods, one with multiplayer but without the mods.