GTAIV Modding

What is a mod?
Mod means modification, so a mod is something that changes the original game. There are several types of mods for Grand Theft Auto, some easier than others. Here I'll show you the mods categories you may find for GTAIV:
  • Textures
  • 3D Models
  • Maps
  • Mods
  • Scripts
  • Total Conversion
  • Savegames
  • Multiplayer

- Textures
Extension: wtd.
Tools: OpenIV or SparkIV.
Description: a texture mod refers to any mod that doesn't edit the 3D model, but only the images of which it's composed. Some examples of texture mods are: new clothes, billboards, high quality roads, new interiors, new skins etc. The texture mods that edits the vehicles are called car skins or paintjobs.

- 3D Models
Extension: wft, wdr.
Tools: ZModeler 2, 3D Studio Max.
Description: a new model refers to any mod that edits the 3D model of a object. 3D models includes new cars, bikes, boats, airplanes, helicopters, but also new buildings, new player models or new weapons.

- Maps
Extension: ipl, img, ide, wpl.
Tools: ---
Description: a map mod refers to any mod that adds new objects to Liberty City map, creating a whole new zone. The new maps can be made using GTAIV original objects and combining them, or creating new 3D objects with some 3D modelling programs. Some maps are made with Simple Native Trainer that allows you to spawn objects and place them to the map.

- Mods
Extension: dat, ide, cfg.
Tools: Notepad.
Description: the mods simply called mods usually edits some texts files. Some examples of simple mods are the editing of the handling.dat or new car colors for carcols.dat. GTA includes a lot of text files that can be edited simply with any text editor. Most of them are located into common\data folder.

- Script mods
Extension: asi, dll, net, vb, net.dll
Tools: Programming softwares.
Description: script mods are the mods that are written in some programming language such as Visual Basic, C++, C, .NET etc. To make such a mod you need a high knowledge of a programming language. The scripts usually adds unique features to the game, such as adding neons, decrease game speed, fly, add speedometer or fuel meter etc. These kind of mods needs some tools to be loaded, such as ASI loaders and Scripthooks.

- Total Conversion
Tools: various.
Description: a Total Conversion (TC) refers to any mod that changes almost the whole game. The total conversions usually replaces Liberty City with a brand new city including also new game features or new missions. These mods are usually made by several modders. An example of total conversion is GTAIV: San Andreas, a mod that replaces Liberty City with San Andreas!

- Savegames
Description: savegames are simply the savegames of other players. Usually they are 100% completed so if you don't want to finish the game, you download one of them. To install the savegames you need to follow this tutorial.

- Multiplayer
Description: the multiplayer mods are mods that allows you to play online with your friends. GTAIV has its own multiplayer, but some modder teams made a custom multiplayer mod that includes a lot of new features.