How do I install the mods?
There is no general method to install the mods, each one have its own way. This website is full of tutorials that can help you installing the mods! If you have problems feel free to ask a question to our community.

Can I replace another vehicle instead of the one recommended by the author?
Yes, you've only to rename the DFF and TXD files correctly. If the car includes some settings lines you have to rename them correctly too.

GTA Garage Mod Manager doesn't run, what should I do?
Probably you haven't copied ggmm.exe and gtainterface.dll into San Andreas main folder, where gta_sa.exe is located. If you recieve TXD Corrupt error, this error is unknown and there is no solution actually. Some people solved this problem changing operating system or graphics card.

TXD Workshop gives me Exception EFOpenError in module dxt.dll at 0000B4A6 error?
Try to run the program with Windows XP compatibility. So right-click the exe>Properties>Compatibility.

Can I modify GTA3 for XBOX or PS2?
No, only PC version is fully moddable.

I installed a vehicle but the game crashes on loading?
Probably you haven't installed DMagic Wheel Mod. Follow this tutorial. The game should work without reinstalling the car.

I installed a mod that replaces main.scm but when I try to load the game, it crashes, why?
You need to start a new game when main.scm is modified.