Vehicle installation on GTAIII Android version

Tools: IMG Tool
Tutorial author: ThexJoker

Before following this tutorial, you must complete this one.
The following tutorial explains how to install new vehicles on GTA3 Android version. Is highly recommended to make a backup copy of all the files we are going to modify. We don't guarantee that this tutorial is correct in any part. The .IMG files may have different names, it depends on your device.
  1. Download a GTA3 vehicle and extract the archive, then connect your smartphone to the pc.
  2. Go into models folder. This could be its location:
  3. Copy the oldveh_unc.dir and oldveh_unc.img files in any folder outside the smartphone.
  4. Run IMG Tool, click on File>Open and select oldveh_unc.img file.
  5. Search for the files that the mod will replace, for example taxi.dff and taxi.txd, then delete them one by one.
  6. Click on Commands>Add and select the 2 files of the mod you downloaded.
  7. Click on Commands>Rebuild Archive, wait a bit and then close IMG Tool.
  8. Copy oldveh_unc.img and oldveh_unc.dir again into your smartphone, in models folder.

Settings lines installation

Usually the mods have a Readme file that contains some settings lines for the vehicle you downloaded. These settings are needed to change the behaviour of the car, the colors, etc. I recommend to install these lines because it would not be good to have a slow and pink Ferrari, don't you think?
  1. Go into your smartphone and find the data folder, then copy it outside the smartphone.
  2. Open handling.cfg file with Notepad and search for the vehicle name.
  3. Open the Readme of the mod and copy the handling line.
  4. Replace your line with the new one.
  5. Save and close handling.cfg and and copy it again into data folder.