DMagic Wheel Mod Installation

Tools: DMagic Wheel Mod
Tutorial author: FunGt

This tutorials explains how to install DMagic Wheel Mod. This mod is needed for Vice City and GTAIII to show the custom wheels on modded vehicles.
  1. Open with Notepad default.dat file located in data folder and below this line: MODELFILE MODELS\GENERIC\wheels.dff add this one: MODELFILE MODELS\GENERIC\nowheel.DFF Save and close the file.

  2. Open with Notepad default.ide file located in data folder and replace this line: # wheels: 160-169 with this one: # wheels: 160-169, 89
  3. Search for this line: 166, wheel_smallcar, generic, 2, 20, 70, 0 and below add this one: 89, wheel_lightmod, generic, 2, 20, 70, 0
  4. Search for this line: # peds: 0-89 and replace it with: # peds: 0-88
  5. Now copy the nowheel.dff file into models\generic folder.