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BC7 Mod
Description: Awesome mod with tons of features. To open the menu press F5.

Player features:
1. Skin changer > change the skin of CJ with any other ped or character
2. Special clothes > wear special clothes
3. Get money
4. Super health on/off > Invincibility

Game features:
1. Weather control
2. Time Control
3. Game speed

Mission features:
1. Mission select > select any mission from storyline to play it again
2. Set infinite mission time on/off

Misc features:
1. Save game anywhere
2. Teleport to marker > teleport to red map marker.
3. Wanted level changer
4. Population-density >
5. Weapon select
6. Car spawn

Vehicle features available with H+O:
1. Turn engine off
2. Turn lights on/off
3. Car have hydraulics
4. Repair car
5. Change color
6. Enable nitro

Press Ctrl+Y to increase gravity and Ctrl+N to decrease.

New features of 4.0 version:
1. Teleport to Liberty City and interiors
2. Play with minigames and bloodring
4. Jump with the car pressing SHIFT.
5. Play as special actors as Sweet, Big Smoke etc.
6. Vehicle spawn, SPACE+C to spawn latest used.
7. Never fall down from bikes
8. Add peds to your gang, they follow you.

This mod needs cleo library.
Author: BC7
Version: 4.0
Help: http://www.gta-modding.com/san_andreas/tutorials/play_as_ped_bc7.html
Date Added: Nov 09, 2008 Last Download: Mar 03, 2024
Downloads: 58210 Rating:
(195 Votes) 
Tags: cleo
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