SFX.sdt Sounds Definitions

The following list contains the definitions of the sfx.SDT sounds of Vice City.

SFX ID Description
sfx00000 - sfx00007 car horns
sfx00008 - sfx00014helicopter sounds
sfx00015 - sfx00020car doors
sfx00021 - sfx00022*unknown
sfx00023start car engine
sfx00025car tire spin 1
sfx00027 - sfx00028police sirens
sfx00029ambulance siren
sfx00030truck 'backing up' indicator
sfx00031mr whoopie
sfx00032open coach door (airbrakes)
sfx00033 - sfx00037tire bouncing, popping, flat, airleak
sfx00038 - sfx00039bullet trail
sfx00040 - sfx00041roller skates
sfx00042 - sfx00046footsteps
sfx00047car explosion
sfx00048bomb explosion
sfx00049molotov sound 1
sfx00050 - sfx00051Pistol
sfx00052 - sfx00053M4
sfx00054 - sfx00056Uzi
sfx00057 - sfx00058Sniper
sfx00059 - sfx00060Rocket Launcher
sfx00061 - sfx00063Rocket Fire
sfx00064 - sfx00065Flamethrower
sfx00066 - sfx00067Shotgun
sfx00068 - sfx00070M60
sfx00071 - sfx00073Tec 9
sfx00074 - sfx00076M4
sfx00077Reload Pistol
sfx00078Reload Uzi
sfx00080Reload Sniper Rifle
sfx00081bat swing
sfx00082 - sfx00084Minigun
sfx00085 - sfx00087SPAS 12
sfx00088 - sfx00089Colt Python
sfx00090 - sfx00091MP5
sfx00092 - sfx00094Tommy hitting regular wall
sfx00095 - sfx00096wood collision
sfx00097 - sfx00099*unknown
sfx00100dumpster collision
sfx00101 - sfx00106car collisions 1
sfx00107 - sfx00110metal collisions (Metal Posts)
sfx00111 - sfx00114fence collisions
sfx00115 - sfx00116*unknown
sfx00117*unknown (same as 097-099)
sfx00118 - sfx00121box collisions
sfx00122 - sfx00125bench collision (Wooden Lathes)
sfx00126*unknown (similar to 097-099 at faster rate)
sfx00127 - sfx00131grass collision
sfx00132door collision
sfx00133 - sfx00135box collisions 3
sfx00136 - sfx00140newstands/traffic light blown (Metal Sheet explosion)
sfx00141 - sfx00142boxes blown
sfx00143gate collision 1
sfx00144car scraping (walls, etc.)
sfx00145gate collision 2
sfx00146 - sfx00151glass breaking
sfx00152 - sfx00153fire
sfx00155after rain
sfx00156 - sfx00157bullet shells dropping
sfx00158bullet penetrating ped
sfx00159 - sfx00161bullet hitting car
sfx00162 - sfx00164bullet hitting ground
sfx00165 - sfx00170fist fighting
sfx00171 - sfx00173katana blade
sfx00174 - sfx00175brass knuckles
sfx00176open garage
sfx00177GTA3 MP3 player ped
sfx00179SFX audio adjuster
sfx00180 - sfx00265police radio
sfx00266*bike idle or hunter blades?
sfx00267phone ring
sfx00268 - sfx00278car engine at steady rpms
sfx00279engine echo
sfx00280 - sfx00283blank
sfx00284 - sfx00287motorcycle egine at steady rpms
sfx00288 - sfx00298car idling
sfx00299 - sfx00303blank
sfx00304 - sfx00307motorcycle idling
sfx00308 - sfx00312airplane
sfx00313car tire spin 2
sfx00314 - sfx00315boat
sfx00316boat travelling through water
sfx00317 - sfx00318boat splashes
sfx00319 - boat engine at idle
sfx00320 - sfx00323rain on car
sfx00324fall in water
sfx00325 - sfx00326crushing body (squish)
sfx00327 - sfx00328blow up boxes
sfx00329rocket ammo depleted
sfx00330rifle ammo depleted
sfx00332 - sfx00333jumping
sfx00334car bomb's beeping timer
sfx00335gta3 timer
sfx00336 - sfx00337hydraulics
sfx00338having *** in the car
sfx00339keep uppy
sfx00341 - sfx00342dodo
sfx00343 - sfx00355radio tuning
sfx00356 - sfx00369icon noise
sfx00372 - sfx00379menu sound
sfx00380 - sfx00382radio static
sfx00383 - sfx00085engine sounds 1 (perennial)
sfx00386 - sfx00388engine sounds 2 (stinger)
sfx00389 - sfx00391engine sounds 3 (yankee)
sfx00392 - sfx00394engine sounds 4 (admiral)
sfx00395 - sfx00397engine sounds 5 (flatbed)
sfx00398 - sfx00400engine sounds 6 (bf injection)
sfx00401 - sfx00403engine sounds 7 (hotring racer)
sfx00404 - sfx00406engine sounds 8 (greenwood)
sfx00407 - sfx00409engine sounds 9 (oceanic)
sfx00410 - sfx00412engine sounds 10 (taxi)
sfx00413 - sfx00415engine sounds 11 (sabre)
sfx00417*ambient crowd bg noise (possibly in stadium?)
sfx00419 - sfx00421chainsaw
sfx00422 - sfx00424rc
sfx00425rc helicopter
sfx00426 - sfx00430blank
sfx00431 - sfx00433freeway engine
sfx00434freeway wind
sfx00436 - sfx00437faggio engine
sfx00438faggio wind
sfx00439 - sfx00441sanchez wind
sfx00443 - sfx00445pcj900 engine
sfx00446pcj900 wind
sfx00447 - sfx00452blank
sfx00453 - sfx00456hunter
sfx00457 - sfx00460blank
sfx00461 - sfx00464skimmer
sfx00465elevator ding?
sfx00466 - sfx00469blank
sfx00471*someone snoring?
sfx00472 - sfx00484vice background noise
sfx00485 - sfx00491insects
sfx00492 - sfx00495Malibu bg music
sfx00496 - sfx00505footsteps on grass
sfx00506 - sfx00515footsteps 1
sfx00516 - sfx00519jumping into puddles
sfx00520 - sfx00523footsteps 2
sfx00524 - sfx00713BMYBB (rapping homie)
sfx00714 - sfx00736vice port authority
sfx00737 - sfx00756vice police helicopter
sfx00757 - sfx00832oriental girl
sfx00833 - sfx00891oriental guy
sfx00892 - sfx00972black man
sfx00973 - sfx01039spanish girl
sfx01040 - sfx01132as***le (sounds white)
sfx01133 - sfx01225as***le (sounds black)
sfx01226 - sfx01320diaz's gang
sfx01321 - sfx01417old spanish guy
sfx01418 - sfx01513cuban gang
sfx01514 - sfx01583vercetti's gang
sfx01584 - sfx01653italian guy
sfx01654 - sfx01723mario
sfx01724 - sfx01773surfer bodybuilder
sfx01774 - sfx01821goomba
sfx01822 - sfx01873goomba 2
sfx01874 - sfx01900vice undercover
sfx01901 - sfx01953white guy 1
sfx01954 - sfx01997white guy 2
sfx01998 - sfx02003guys hitting on girls
sfx02004 - sfx02032white guy 3
sfx02113 - sfx02370Cuban gang
sfx02371 - sfx02616Biker gang
sfx02617 - sfx02913Haitian gang
sfx02914 - sfx02941female screams 1
sfx02942 - sfx02985female grunt
sfx02986 - sfx03012female screams 2
sfx03013 - sfx03047male screams 1
sfx03048 - sfx03126male grunts
sfx03127 - sfx03161male screams 2
sfx03162 - sfx03194cuban paramedic
sfx03195 - sfx03227paramedic
sfx03228 - sfx03281FBI
sfx03282 - sfx03323SWAT
sfx03324 - sfx03477WFYG1 (girl with love fist tattoo)
sfx03478 - sfx03541taxi drivers
sfx03542 - sfx03602Rich White Lady
sfx03603 - sfx03661White Rollerskating Chick
sfx03662 - sfx03705White Body Builder
sfx03706 - sfx03805Crude Farting White Guy Wants Tommy To Rub Him?
sfx03806 - sfx03892White Yuppie Lawyer that Threatens to Sue You
sfx03893 - sfx03977Black Street Gang Member?
sfx03978 - sfx04051Smooth Talking Black Pimp
sfx04052 - sfx04125White Prostitute
sfx04126 - sfx04214College Guy Say's "Watch the loafer's Square"
sfx04215 - sfx04312Confused Black Wine O Likes Singing Alot
sfx04313 - sfx04402Cuban Lady
sfx04403 - sfx04479Cuban Guy
sfx04480 - sfx04534Cuban Guy Speaking Spanish Gibberish
sfx04535 - sfx04622Cuban Guy speaks mixed English/Spanish
sfx04623 - sfx04671Cuban Homeless Lady
sfx04672 - sfx04714Cuban Guy
sfx04715 - sfx04790Mexican Girl
sfx04791 - sfx04834White Cigar Girl
sfx04835 - sfx04920Mexican Guy
sfx04921 - sfx05002Old Jewish Golfer
sfx05003 - sfx05075White As***le, Threatens to Kill you for Money?
sfx05076 - sfx05110Either a Tired Body Builder or a Fat**s?
sfx05111 - sfx05191Florida Hick Quote "Pretty Boy!","Shes My Sister"
sfx05192 - sfx05252Black Lady sings and burps and hiccups drunkenly
sfx05253 - sfx05323White Valleygirl Quote "Loser!" "I'm so sueing you"
sfx05324 - sfx05393Black Prostitute Quote "You Insane Crazy Man"
sfx05394 - sfx05453Black Guy Quote "Damn Honey You Look A Hot Dish!"
sfx05454 - sfx05518White Guy Quote "Look what you did to my beautiful car!"
sfx05519 - sfx05579White Gay Guy Quote "Frankie Says Just Skate"
sfx05580 - sfx05677White Construction Worker "Crush Kill Demolish!"
sfx05678 - sfx05759Mexican Lady "Easy On the Giggle Cream!"
sfx05760 - sfx05838Mexican Guy "Watch where you step el stupido!"
sfx05839 - sfx05911Mexican Guy "Your life means nothing to me!"
sfx05912 - sfx05987Mexican Prostitute "Where you going Mr Lonely"
sfx05988 - sfx06039Mexican Restruant Waitress? "I Scratch your eye out!"
sfx06040 - sfx06116Fat**s White Lady "Hey do you want me to eat you"
sfx06117 - sfx06194Black Preppie Lady "OMG Urban Problems"
sfx06195 - sfx06292Uppity Wigger Valleygirl "What's your major malfunction BITCH!"
sfx06293 - sfx06351Old Black Korean/Vietnam Viet "Are you Charlie?"
sfx06352 - sfx06438Black Dancer "You Ain't Got No Moves!","You Got Nerve Mister!"
sfx06439 - sfx06520Black Pimp "Let's go time is pimping money","The Hell Are You Doing!"
sfx06521 - sfx06616Black Guy "Yo you better watch yourself!","Man no you didn't!"
sfx06617 - sfx06708White Golfer "You'll hear from my lawyer and my lawyer's lawyer!","I own Clevland!"
sfx06709 - sfx06775White Guy "You Think I'm Crazy?","How do you figure standing there is a good idea?"
sfx06776 - sfx06853Black Dock Worker "Yo you in my way dog","careful dock's is a dangerous place","Yo Yo Yo Son!"
sfx06854 - sfx06822Mexican Lady "Didn't yer Mom Breast Feed you?","My Dad Paid Alot of Money for This Car"
sfx06823 - sfx06991Mexican Lady "Hey Look Yer Blocking The Road","Stay Away from me Playa"
sfx06992 - sfx07069Black Lady "You Bumbling Fool","May A Thousand Flamingo's sh*t on your Porch"
sfx07070 - sfx07131Southern Black Lady? "Did you even think about that one sugar?","Stop in the name of the law!"
sfx07132 - sfx07205Black Lady "I'm not talking to you buzzy","why you miserable son of a"
sfx07206 - sfx07270Mexican Lady "You Better Be Sorry","You Almost Hit Me"
sfx07271 - sfx07341Friendless White Lady "I wish I had those clothes","Just Kill me","I'm only a little girl!"
sfx07342 - sfx07425Fat/Smelly White Lady "Give me some money","The Smell Says Go Away"
sfx07426 - sfx07493Fat White Lady "that could have ruined my whole afternoon of shopping","I had to buy that outfit"
sfx07494 - sfx07558Old White Man "Where'd you learn to be so stupid","Someone should hit you with a brick"
sfx07559 - sfx07632Black Man "Well I never!","Damn Fool Crashed my Car!"
sfx07633 - sfx07703ped with white golf glove on right hand, pink tshirt & blue jeans
sfx07704 - sfx07770White Girl "You Jerk I'm Like So Stuck","My Boyfriend Ted is totally gonna mess you up"
sfx07771 - sfx07846White Lady "Hello? Hello?","I'm Late to my husbands funeral","Do you except donations?"
sfx07847 - sfx07921White Old Lady Golfer "This is the senors lane little one","Harry will be so upset"
sfx07922 - sfx07974Mexican Gang Member #1? "You Have Any Money","This Girl's a real tiger man!"
sfx07975 - sfx08062White Hick "Damn Fool!","The Lights on But No one's Home","Just Walk Away"
sfx08063 - sfx08165Surfer White Guy
sfx08166 - sfx08231Older Black Jamacian Lady
sfx08232 - sfx08273White Southern Lady
sfx08274 - sfx08385Old White Lady
sfx08386 - sfx08468White Lady
sfx08469 - sfx08513White Cop 1
sfx08514 - sfx08558White Cop 2
sfx08559 - sfx08693White Cop 3
sfx08694 - sfx09814Tommy's voices
sfx09815 - sfx09940Tommy's grunts