Change names of vehicles

Tools: VC GXT Editor
Tutorial author: FunGt
This tutorial explains how to change the names of the vehicles that appears when you get into any of them.

  1. Run GXT Editor and on File box insert the GXT file location, for example:
  2. C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA Vice City\Text\american.gxt
  3. If the path is correct, click Load and the file will be opened into the Editor.

  4. The vehicle names are located in MAIN and they are alphabetically ordered on the right box.
  5. Click on any vehicle name and in the bottom box will appear the name.
  6. Edit this name as you want, then click Apply and Save.
If the GXT Editor doesn't run due to a DLL file, you have to download MSVBVM50.DLL and locate it on GXT Editor folder.