Change Tommy model and set it as default

Tools: TXD Workshop and IMG Tool
Tutorial author: KMFDM

This tutorials explains how to change the Tommy skin model and set it as default. For example in this tutorial we chose to make Casual skin as default. You can use this tutorial to set as default any other clothes. The names of Tommy clothes in gta3.img are playerX.dff and playerX.txd where X is a number. You may open the txd with TXD Workshop to discover the skin appearance.

  1. Run IMG Tool and open gta3.img located in models folder.
  2. Press F2 and find player.dff. Export it to make a backup copy.
  3. Delete player.dff from gta3.img, find player8.dff and extract it.
  4. Rename player8.dff to player.dff
  5. Click Commands>Add and add player.dff into gta3.img
  6. Find player8.txd and extract it.
  7. Open with TXD Workshop player8.txd and extract image in BMP format
  8. Rename the image extracted into player.bmp
  9. Go into models\generic folder and make a backup copy of player.bmp
  10. Copy the new player.bmp into models\generic