Import and export a WFT with ZModeler

Tools: ZModeler, SparkIV, General vehicle textures pack
Tutorial author: FunGt

This tutorial explains how to import and export properly a GTAIV vehicle WFT. Before following this tutorial make sure you have the latest version of ZModeler properly registered.
  1. Download the General vehicle textures pack and extract it somewhere (here we'll call the folder "DIR").
  2. Run SparkIV, click Open and select the vehicles.img file located in
  3. Choose the vehicle you want to export, eg. the Comet, so select comet.wft and comet.wdt and click Export.
  4. Export both files in the "DIR" folder where we have the other textures extracted in the first passage.
  5. With SparkIV click on comet.wdt and click View, then click Save All Textures.
  6. Save all the texture in the DIR folder as before.
  7. Summarizing: in "DIR" folder you should have the WFT file, all the textures from the general vehicle pack and all the textures extracted from the wdt with SparkIV.
  8. Now you can run ZModeler and click Import.
  9. Select comet.wft and it will be imported.
  10. Here you need some ZModeler skill to modify the file as you want. Don't change the hierarchy tree.
  11. When you finished to modify the model you can export it clicking Export.
  12. Save the file where you want, don't replace the original wft file.
  13. Run SparkIV again, click Import and select the new WFT.
  14. Run the game and you should have your new Comet.