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Lemmy Kilmister Tribute Mod
Description: !EXCLUSIVE!

- Christian Brandes: idea and some textures;
- FunGt: script and textures;
- jedijosh920: script for animations;

- Lemmy Kilmister skin with custom hair, skin, face, beard, hat, glasses, tattoos, clothes, Motorhead t-shirt;
- Spawn Lemmy motorbike (Hexer) with "Eat the rich" logo;
- Spawn hookers that follow Lemmy;
- Smoke, drink and play guitar/drums.

- Shift+L: become Lemmy Kilmister
- Shift+B: spawn Hexer motorbike
- Shift+H: spawn hooker/s
- Shift+J: Motorhead t-shirt (after Shift+L)
- Shift+O: smoke
- Shift+K: drink
- Shift+I: play guitar or drums
- Shift+Q: stop current animation (after smoke, drink or guitar)

- ScriptHookV
- OpenIV

0. Extract from the archive this file: lemmy_kilmister_automatic.zip;
1. Download, install and run OpenIV (openiv.com);
1.1 Click on Tools->Asi Manager and be sure that ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi are both installed (green);
2. Click Tools->Package Installer;
3. Select lemmy_kilmister_automatic.zip;
4. Read the informations and click Install;
5. Choose to install the mod in "mods" folder.

- You can open the LemmyKilmister.ini file and customize the keys. You can create Shift+, you cannot change Shift to another key.

- We would like that this mod will be improved and expanded by the community. You can use and edit the source code or the textures of this mod ONLY if you provide the proper credits (FunGt, Christian Brandes, jedijosh920).
- If you are going to release a modified version of this mod leave a post on the topic linked below.
Video: (show/hide) https://youtu.be/XcKZcOD_xWI
Author: FunGt, Christian Brandes, jedijosh920
Website: http://gtaforums.com/topic/837622-vrel-lemmy-kilmister-tribute-mod/
Version: 1.0
Help: https://github.com/DavideViolante/GTAV/tree/master/Lemmy-Kilmister-Tribute-Mod
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Date Added: Jan 10, 2016 Last Download: Nov 30, 2023
Downloads: 3409 Rating:
(178 Votes) 
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