Installazione SA-MP

Tools: SA:MP
Tutorial author: FunGt

before continue be sure to have San Andreas v1.00 without any kind of mod. To check out your SA version, go to this page. Download the client from the link above and run the setup. Accept the license and in the next window specify the San Andreas that usually is:
C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\ Once you inserted the correct path, you can click Install and finish your installation.

The client:
Run SA-MP.exe from San Andreas folder. Now you should something like that:

  1. Connect to the selected server.
  2. Add a new server (only on Favorites tab).
  3. Remove the selected server (only on Favorites tab).
  4. Refresh the selected server.
  5. Refresh all servers.
  6. Copy to clipboard the informations of the selected server.
  7. View server informations.
  8. Remote console.
  9. View some settings.
  10. Shows SA-MP team.
  11. Set your nickname.

  • Favorites: shows favorites servers.
  • Internet: shows all servers.
  • Official: shows only official servers.

The commands you will be able to use in almost all servers are the following:
  • T: allows you to chat.
  • TAB: shows the player list.
  • G: go into a vehicle as passenger.
  • H: allows you to shot as passenger with manual aim.
  • F1: shows the commands here explained.
  • F4: allows you to choose the team/skin after next death.
  • F5: shows server informations.
  • F7: show/hide the chat.
  • F8: save a PNG screenshot into San Andreas folder.

Commands you can type on chat (after you hit T):
  • /kill: committ a suicide.
  • /pm ID MSG: send a message to a specified player.
  • /q: shut down SA-MP and go back to desktop.

Admin commands:
  • /rcon login PSW: login as admin.
  • /rcon echo MSG: sends a message to the chat with no name.
  • /rcon say MSG: sends a message to the chat as admin.
  • /rcon kick ID: kick the specified player.
  • /rcon ban MSG: ban the specified player.
  • /rcon varlist: shows config informations.
  • /rcon exec CFGFILE: load the specified config.
  • /rcon exit: disconnect and shut down the server.
  • /rcon reloadbans: reload ban list.
  • /rcon gmx: reload the gamemode.
  • /rcon password PSW: change or add a password to the server.