How to install a savegame

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Tutorial author: FunGt

This tutorial explains how to install a savegame downloaded. You can find a 100% savegame here. This tutorial can be applied only for xliveless users.
  1. Be sure to have followed this tutorial (you need xliveless).
  2. Download a savegame, for example this one.
  3. Copy the savegame (something with this name: SGTA4**) in this directory (replace USER with your Windows username):
    C:\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\
    Windows 7:
    C:\Users\USER\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\
  4. You can optionally rename the savegame to change the slot, e.g. SGTA412 is located in the lastest slot, SGTA400 in the first.
  5. Running the game, it will run your savegame, to load the new one load it from the menu>Game>Load.