About handling.dat

Tools: Notepad
Tools dedicated: Handling Editor
Tutorial author: FunGt

The handling.dat file is located in common\data folder and contains all the informations about the vehicles, such as mass, velocity, traction, suspension etc.

  • (A) vehicle identifier: vehicle name.
  • (B) fMass: vehicle weight (Kg).
  • (C) fDragMult: ?.
  • (D) nPercentSubmerged: how much the vehicle submerge (%).
  • (E) CentreOfMass.x: center of mass on X axis (width) [-10 to 10].
  • (F) CentreOfMass.y: center of mass on Y axis (length) [-10 to 10] (increase to incline the front).
  • (G) CentreOfMass.z: center of mass on Z axis (height) [-10 to 10].

  • (Tt) m_nDriveBias: traction [1.0 front; 0.0 rear; 0.5 4WD].
  • (Tg) m_nDriveGears: numbers of gears.
  • (Tf) m_fDriveForce: drive power
  • (Ti) m_fDriveInertia: engine intertia.
  • (Tv) m_fV: max speed.
  • (Tb) m_fBrakeForce: brakes power.
  • (Tbb) m_fBrakeBias: bias between front and rear brakes.
  • (Ts) m_fSteeringLock: max steering angle (degrees).

  • (Wc+) m_fTractionCurveMax: max traction while turning.
  • (Wc-) m_fTractionCurveMin: min traction while turning.
  • (Wc-) m_fTractionCurveLateral: lateral traction while turning.
  • (Wc|) m_fTractionCurveLongitudinal: longitudinal traction while turning.
  • (Ws+) m_fTractionSpringDeltaMax: ?
  • (Wh) m_fTractionBias: bias between front and rear traction.

  • (Sf) m_fSuspensionForce: suspension power (calculated with: 1/(force*number of wheels).
  • (Scd) m_fSuspensionCompDamp: stiffens the dampening strength as speed increases. (quote. cerbera)
  • (Srd) m_fSuspensionReboundDamp: suspension bounce.
  • (Su) m_fSuspensionUpperLimit: distance from vehicle to floor.
  • (Sl) m_fSuspensionLowerLimit: suspension height.
  • (Sr) m_fSuspensionRaise: ?
  • (Sb) m_fSuspensionBias: bias between front and rear suspension.

Damage and collision:
  • (Dc) m_fCollisionDamageMult: how much damange the vehicle gets from collision.
  • (Dw) m_fWeaponDamageMult: how much damange the vehicle gets from bullets.
  • (Dd) m_fDeformationDamageMult: how much the vehicle deforms to collision.
  • (De) m_fEngineDamageMult: how much damage the engine gets for collision.

  • (Ms) m_fSeatOffsetDist: distance from door to seat.
  • (Mv) m_nMonetaryValue: value ($).
  • (Mmf) mFlags: model flags.
  • (Mhf) hFlags: handling flags.
  • (Ma) m_nAnimGroup: animation group.