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NPC's of Los Santos
Description: FEATURES:
- Pedestrians randomly carry melee weapons and guns. Watch your back when causing trouble
- Gangs randomly spawn different guns and melee weapons
- Cops can randomly spawn with either nightsticks, stun guns or pistols
- Swat now carry SMG's with a flash light (instead of carbine rifle)
- Police will no longer shoot from their helicopters

- Police shoot from second helicopter
- All features minus nightsticks for police

- BEDLAM: everyone is armed. Causing trouble will make NPC's shoot anything that moves.
- NIGHTSTICKS & STUNGUNS: police & swat only carry nightsticks and stun guns.

Watch the official video for more info!
Author: Beyond Galaxy
Version: 3.2 Compatibility: All
Date Added: Jun 15, 2015 Last Download: Nov 21, 2020
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Tags: loadouts.meta
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