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Angry Planes (Cleaned)
Description: WARNING: the original author of this mod added a malware into the script. The version we are providing here has been CLEANED (reverse engineered) by a user on Reddit (link below). Anyway we take no responsibilities about any damange caused by this mod. Use this mod at your own risk!

- Activate/deactivate the mod with F5 (can be changed in ini file)

- A big amount of planes will spawn in the air and will attack you

- MaxVehicles: max number of planes that will spawn
- EnableRockets: enable or disable the rockets used by planes against you
- EnableKamikaze: enable or disable that the planes will suicide against you
- EnableFireworks: if set on 1 the rockets will be replaced by fireworks
- MinRocketDelay: delay between each rocket shooted against you (in milliseconds)
- ActivationKey: key to activate the mod

Watch the video below for a demo!
Video: (show/hide) https://youtu.be/meSSNx6SZs4
Author: onsby
Version: 1.3
Help: http://bit.ly/1GyolPh
Date Added: Jun 24, 2015 Last Download: Apr 15, 2024
Downloads: 37521 Rating:
(375 Votes) 
Tags: asi
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