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Sentium M5 Muller (HAWKEN)
Description: HQ original model & textures from HAWKEN
Convert into IV by: metalwars
Wanzer Script by: ++++
You need the Scripthook to make this mod work.

This mod is made based on standard "Patriot". You should replace default Patriot with handling provided in this mod. If not, this script may crash!

Read the readme to know how to install this mod.

Robot Keys. I recommend to use default GTAIV control key:
- F: get into/out the robot
- W,S,A,D: drive the robot
- LShift: jump
- LCtrl: run or walk drive mode
- LMB (Attack key): fire weapon
- Q: change the weapons, there 3 type of weapons
- LAlt for auto drive mode. This robot will follow you (you should be outside the robot)
- LAlt + LMB for automatic firing (you should be outside the robot)
- Set waypoint on the map and press LAlt for auto pilot (you should be in the robot)
Video: (show/hide) https://youtu.be/oZxBHpCUqPA
Author: metalwars
Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/metalwarz
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Date Added: Jan 17, 2015 Last Download: May 24, 2020
Downloads: 581 Rating:
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Tags: cs
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