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Description: Modifica grafica per GTAIV, potrebbe causare rallentamenti.

Info eng:

- Replaced bloom, blue shift phenomena

- Sky lighting (ambient occlusion)

- Screen space ambient occlusion and sreen space indirect lighting (SSAO, SSIL)

- Optimized ssao and ssil, less noisy

- Changed reflection of car glass, overall auto parts by types

- Refraction of car lights

- Modified light sources

- Rays from lights, sprites

- Changed shadows from cars and street lights

- Blood with reflection

- Brightness adaptation

- Tree leaves

- Shadow filtering

- Better quality of reflection texture

- Windows of building

- Fixed game bugs in the shaders (headlight of cars at the distance, street light, negative lighting)

- Sky and clouds.
Author: Boris Vorontsov
Version: 0.079 sora
Help: http://www.enbdev.com
Date Added: Apr 09, 2010 Last Download: May 11, 2022
Downloads: 5608 Rating:
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Tags: enb, graphic
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