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Nerdook's Side Quests Mod
Description: ScriptHook is needed (id=424).


- Added a mercenary system where you can recruit a buddy from among 12 possible characters. Some of the rest will randomly show up to disrupt your sidemissions: after all, Niko isn't the only badass in Libery City!

- Randomly generated racing missions! An underground racing NPC walks around near Niko whenever he's not on a mission: just go over and a race will be organized near you.

- Random side missions: so far there are six possible types of missions, all randomly done (assassination, VIP defence, escort services, item/car theft, gang elimination, prisoner breakout). An NPC wandering around nearby will provide the missions when asked for.

- Added a Rage meter: as you beat people up, it adds to your Rage (shown on the lower left as an additional HUD item). You can press TAB at any time and Niko will go into a bullet time mode where his health rapidly regenerates.

- Added taxi missions. I have no idea why Rockstar removed these. So I added it back. Just press use (default 'E') to start one when you're driving any taxi.

- You can now board the bus for $5. Again, just press use (default 'E').

- Cruise control can now be activated by pressing CROUCH while driving
Author: Nerdook
Version: 1.3
Date Added: Jun 20, 2009 Last Download: May 21, 2019
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Tags: asi
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