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Animal Ark Shelter
Description: Animal Ark is now open and ready for business! With this mod, you can go to the once abandoned Animal Ark Pet Store, which will be a new location on your map, and buy a pet. Once you buy a pet, you will be granted access to a new interaction menu called the, "Pet Interaction Menu", which will allow you to do certain things with your pet, such as making them attack a nearby pedestrian, teleport to you, and much more which will be added in future updates. If you have a pet and revisit the store, you can buy them snacks to heal or donate them back. Also, you cannot enter the store with a wanted level or else an angry shopkeeper will yell at you with a megaphone! There is also a secret cheat code that will allow you to get a 100% discount, can you figure it out? Stay tuned and follow the mod to know when a new update comes!
Video: (show/hide) https://youtu.be/FfrJrYJEcW4
Author: jedijosh920
Version: 1.1 Compatibility: Compatible with SA 1.0
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Date Added: Aug 05, 2015 Last Download: Sep 25, 2021
Downloads: 2747 Rating:
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Tags: dll
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