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Call of Duty MW2 AC-130
Description: This is an epic script, watch the video below for a demo!

- Realistic sounds and chatters from the crew!
- Call in the AC-130 from the ground and ask for support!
- Take a seat inside the AC-130 and spray everything beneath you!
- 3 visions: thermal, night and normal.
- Recreated HUD from COD.

- 40mm Bofor Gun
- 105mm Howitzer

- I: call the AC-130 from the ground.
- L: take control of the AC130.
- T: switch sides when inside the AC130.
- E: switch weapons (currently 40mm and 105mm).
- R: cinematic view. Works better when you shoot your 105mm shell on the ground.
- Mouse: shoot from the AC-130.
- T: request a ground attack from the AC-130 when on the ground.
- A or Q: switch visions (thermal, night and normal).
Video: (show/hide) https://youtu.be/Gvd_50iyskI
Author: Ghost_Rolly
Version: 1.3
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Date Added: Jun 20, 2015 Last Download: Apr 09, 2021
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Tags: asi
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