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Vehicle Controller
Description: Default controls:
J = Left Indicator
K = Alert Lights
L = Right Indicator
T = Toggle Cruise Control
I = Extras (taxi lights, or helicopter spotlight, not yet working)
O = Toggle Engine
CTRL + J = Open Hood
CTRL + K = Interior Lights
CTRL + L = Open Trunk
G = Leave car with the engines running (be careful on planes)
CTRL + G = Leave car with the door open and engines running.
* = Open/Close your window
CTRL + * = Open/Close all windows
E / DPad = Skilift Eletromagnet controller.

- Full control of vehicle turn signals, including hazard alert flashing.
- Full control of vehicle hood and trunk, including vehicles such as cargobob, cargoplane, titan, etc.
- Full control of vehicle back doors, including trailers such as Fame or Shame trailer, normal trailers, mule, etc.
- Full control of vehicle interior lights, where applicable.
- Full control of vehicle windows (opening and closing, while driver can open/close his or all windows, passenger can just manage his windows).
- Full control of break lights (configurable if you want the lights stay on after a full stop or not).
- Switch some extra vehicle features, such as taxi light or police helicopter spotlight (not controllable yet).
- Leave the car while leave the engine running.
- Leave the car while leave the door open.
- Cruise control mode (This will keep your speed).
- Display on-screen speedometer (mph or Km/h).
- Skylift Eletromagnet controller (Lift up cars).
- Fully configurable (Easy and well explained INI file).
Video: (show/hide) https://youtu.be/L48y2d1kj5c
Author: alexslx
Version: 1.0.1
Help: http://gtaforums.com/topic/789415-vrel-vehicle-controller-lights-engine-doors-cruise-etc/
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Date Added: May 15, 2015 Last Download: May 07, 2021
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Tags: speedometer, asi
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