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Description: ARES Defence C-HUD By Duke Blitz for GTA San Andreas.

- ARES logo on the top of Health Bar.
- Fluid Health/Armor C-HUD bars that are flexible.
- Rectangular Radar.
- Crisp Radar Icons with smooth edges.
- ARES 512x512 logo is placed at the bottom center of the screen.
- New matching weapon icons.

- Copy all the contents of the folder "Copy it to main folder" to the folder where the game is installed. Confirm and overwrite the replacement.

Note: Do not forget to make copies of the original files to be able to remove the modification!

If you have any issues with the mod, feel free to add me on skype: fabjackal

Cheers and have fun!
Author: Sai Parthiv
Version: 1.0
Date Added: Apr 02, 2015 Last Download: Apr 13, 2024
Downloads: 1805 Rating:
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Tags: hud
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