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Speed Limit
Description: With this mod when you go at least 10 mph over the speed limit, you get a 1 star wanted level! And when you go at least 25 mph over the limit, you get a 2 star wanted level!

- Press Right-CTRL + L to toggle the speed limit.
It's enabled on startup.

What you can change in the INI file:
- The keys to toggle the mod.
- The distance at which the cops can see you.
- The speeds at which you get the 1 star and 2 star wanted levels.
Video: (show/hide) https://youtu.be/HS5wpulLAj0
Author: LetsPlayOrDy
Date Added: Mar 01, 2015 Last Download: Jun 14, 2019
Downloads: 551 Rating:
(6 Votes) 
Tags: netdll
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