About weaponinfo.xml

Tools: Notepad
Dedicated tools: Weapon Editor
Tutorial author: FunGt

Weaponinfo.xml file contains all the info about the weapons of GTAIV. With this file you can edit the features of any weapon of the game, for example the damage, the reload time, etc. The following list includes the description of the parameters you can find in this file:

  • weapon type: weapon name.
  • data slot: weapon slot. Eg. AK47 and M4 are both RIFLE
  • firetype: type of bullet/fire to use, also called projectile type.
  • damagetype: type of damage on impact, also called explosion type.
  • group: determines the effect from weaponFx.dat file.
  • targetrange: distance from target to show its health.
  • weaponrange: max distance the bullet may reach, also called projectile type.
  • clipsize: number of ammunitions for each reload.
  • ammomax: max number of ammunitions.
  • timebetweenshots: time in milliseconds between first shot and second.
  • damage base: damage, explosion damage is into explosionFx.dat file.
  • networkplayermod: modifier for the weapon's damage in multiplayer.
  • networkpedmod: same as above but for peds in multiplayer.
  • physics force: physics force of the bullet to the things.
  • reload time: reload time in milliseconds.
  • fasttime: time to aim in milliseconds.
  • crouchtime: crouch time in milliseconds.
  • aiming accuracy: how much is accurate the gun.
  • offset x y z: accuracy on xyz axes.
  • crouchedoffset x y z: crouch accuracy on xyz axes.
  • reticule standing="" ducked="" scale="": Reticule size while standing and crouched and target scale (zoom).
  • pickup regentime: time the gun needs to appear in your hands (not sure)
  • ammoonstreet: ammunitions when you get the gun on street.
  • rumble duration: sound duration in milliseconds.
  • intensity: sound intensity.

  • GUN: gun
  • MELEE_CLUB: used for the victim behaviour when hitted.
  • MELEE_BLADE: used for the victim behaviour when hitted.
  • 2HANDED: gun holded with both hands.
  • THROWN: throwable gun.
  • TREAT_AS_2HANDED_IN_COVER: gun holded with both hands while you're covered.
  • FIRST_PERSON: first person aim.
  • HEAVY: heavy guns animations.
  • CREATE_VISIBLE_ORDNANCE: shows the bullet before it's shooted.
  • HIGHER_BREAK_FORCE: unknown.
  • EXPLOSION_BASED_ON_IMPACT: determines when the bullet explodes, based on explodeimpactthreshold="" and explodeimpactwithvehiclethreshold="" parameters.
  • ADD_SMOKE_ON_EXPLOSION: add smoke on explosion.
  • SILENCED: silenced gun.
  • INSTANT_KILL_IN_MP: instant kill in multiplayer.
  • ARMOUR_PENETRATING: the bullet can go through the armor.
  • KEEP_CAMERA_BEHIND: keep the camera behind the player.
  • CAN_AIM: can aim.
  • CAN_FREE_AIM: can free aim.
  • ANIM_RELOAD: reload the animation.
  • ANIM_CROUCH_FIRE: crouch animation.

  • projectile type: projectile type. NONE will shoot a copy of the gun.
  • typetocreate type: type of the projectile, used on rocket launcher.
  • fusetime: bullet time before it explodes.
  • explosion type: explosion type, from explosionFx.dat file.
  • vehiclevelocity: bullet speed.
  • assets model: gun model.
  • anim group: animations.
  • meleegroup1: melee gun.
  • muzzle fx: muzzle effect.
  • shell fx: sheel effect.
  • trail fx: bullet trail.