About vehicles.ide

Tools: Notepad
Author: FunGt

Vehicles.ide file is located in common\data folder and contains some informations about vehicles such as frequency, dirty level, wheel size, etc.

  • Model name: model name.
  • Txd name: texture name.
  • Type: vehicle type (car, bike, heli, boat or train).
  • HandlingId: vehicle name in handling file.
  • Game name: vehicle name in the game.
  • Anims: animations group.
  • Anims2: animations group.
  • Frq: vehicle frequency, higher value should increase vehicle spawning.
  • MaxNum: maybe max number for Frq.
  • Wheel Radius: wheel size, first value: front wheel, second value: rear wheel.
  • DefDirtLevel: vehicle dirty level.
  • Swankness: swankness.
  • lodMult: maybe distance to see the vehicle.
  • ?: ?
  • flags: flags.

  • STD: standard
  • LOW: low vehicle
  • LOW_CONV: convertible
  • VAN: van
  • BIKE: motorbike
  • TRUCK: truck
  • BUS: bus
  • HELICOPTER: helicopter
  • BOAT: boat
  • TRAIN: train