Create a custom color

Tools: Notepad & Paint
Tutorial author: FunGt

This tutorial explains how to create a new custom colour for carcols.dat and how to add it to a vehicle.
  1. Run Paint and click edit colors.
  2. Create a colour (I chose aqua green).
  3. Now, don't close Paint, and open carcols.dat with Notepad.
  4. Scroll until ID 133 and make a copy of the last line and paste the new line below.
  5. Replace the first 3 numbers with those in Paint window (Red, Green, Blue) (screen).
  6. Replace 133 with an higher number, for example 134.
  7. Replace the rest with a comment to the colour created.
  8. The line just added should be like that:130,253,194,-,white # 134 aqua green

Now lets add the line to a car.

How to add the new color:
  1. Search a car in carcols.dat and at the end of its line add your new ID color, in this case 134. Remember to add a comma and a space between every color you add.
  2. Then, the line should look like this:
    schafter, 0,1,1, 70,133,8, 16,133,8, 22,133,8, 134,134,134,
  3. In the game the car with the new color should look like this: