About carcols.dat

Tools: Notepad
Tutorial author: FunGt & Abe90

Carcols.dat file is located in common\data folder and contains the colors of the vehicles. The following table shows 134 IDs (starting by #0).

The color line:

226,6,6,bright,red # 27 very red
  • 226,6,6: color expressed in RGB (red green blue).
  • bright,red: it is needed for the police scanner audio.
  • # 27 very red: ID and name color.

Car color line:

schafter, 0,1,1, 70,133,8, 16,133,8, 22,133,8,
  • schafter,: car name.
  • 70,133,8,: first and second ID are the colors of the car body. The second ID is used for example by the Banshee. The 8 is the second specular.

Car4 section:
This section, located at the bottom of the file contains the cars with 4 IDs, 3 for body and 1 for second specular.

If you want to create a custom color, follow this tutorial.